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Here's A rough Budget

December 29th, 2007 at 08:50 am

Income: Hubby's $500.00 weekly (sometimes with OT slightly higher, but this is normal)


REnt: $350.00 (We live in the Boonedocks of NC )
Phone/DSL: $60.00
Water: $50.00
Truck Payment: $120/Owe $2700
Van Payment: $150/Owe $700
Car Insurance: $110 (Full coverage $100col/0 comp)
Gas: Hubby:$85 weekly- he has over 100 mile commute)
Me: $40 weekly- Hope to lower this ASAP!
Groceries: $70 weekly (Hoping to drop this ASAP!)
C's Lunch Acct: $40- Both boys get free tuition but since C's is included in exceptional children, they dont cover lunch. We dont have the option of packing a lunch.

This leaves $300. I havent included incenditals, like; haircuts(though hubby buts the kids, I get one like every 2 months & hubby monthly),fast food (nono!!)birthday gifts, prescriptions, co-pays, etc.

This also doesnt include any payments toward Hospital Bills.

But It gives me somewhere to start. I know we will get a tax return of some kind & hopefully we will be able to pay off the Van & maybe even the truck.That will free up another $150 or $270.

I'm going to stick all my paychecks from the new work-from-home job in the savings. I dont know how much or when that will start coming in.

3 Responses to “Here's A rough Budget”

  1. koppur Says:

    I's a great start. One thing I finally learned was that it is OK to tweak your budget here and there if you need it. Smile

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Would you be interested in sharing where exactly in NC are you, and what kind of dwelling it is? The rent is absolutely amazing, especially considering that it's accommodating an entire family.

  3. luxliving Says:

    One place to look for more money is in those exemptions claimed...you might could tweak them and get more in each paycheck and not have a big refund every year. Uncle Sam is not paying you any interest. If you could use that extra to pay something off, then later towards savings, your money could actually be working for YOU. This is maybe something you've already got down, but maybe it's a new thought.

    Good luck with your new job. I'd like to hear more about it as you get into it.

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