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no spend days!!

December 30th, 2007 at 10:20 am

WEll last night was a family reunion and my mom & stepdad rode with me. I put $10 in gas & they put $10 in as well! This gave me almost 1/2 tank. That should last me till next payday..Thursday. If not a bit longer. That was all that was spent yesterday!

Today will be no spend day for me! I'm staying at home with the boys & just hanging out. They watched a movie & are now taking naps. It's rainy & yucky out & a good day for relaxing!

I've almost finished my training for my at home job. I will be getting that direct deposited soon! It's going straight into the emergency fund!Hubby has had to work all weekend, so that means OT as well!! It would rock if I could get this funded in like 2 weeks!

I will try to get the van paid off and work on some of the hospital bills.

2 Responses to “no spend days!!”

  1. flinnie Says:

    Today have been a no spender for me too.
    It started raining hear last night and it been raining
    cats and dogs ever since.

  2. MarianneJ Says:

    Welcome, Stephanie! Smile
    Great to hear that you will be able to send lots of money to build your EF so quickly. I am also working on our EF right now so I feel your excitement.

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