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Just another Manic Monday..

December 31st, 2007 at 12:30 pm

So far today has been a no spend day as well!

I kept my nephew for my MIL, since she had to work. The boys enjoyed the company & played well together. They are currently watching Spiderman 3. Well B & Nephew are. C is reading books and drawing. He's such a good kid! (Most of the time, LOL).

I made a big batch of potato soup last night & so I play to eat that for lunch the next few days. Also left over baked spaghetti from the reunion.

It's supposed to get very cold tonight, so Josh is going to go get some wood cut for the fireplace/woodstove.WE normally try to heat with wood 95% of the time, but the past 2 weeks he didnt have a day off until now. So he went to grab a truckload. WE have land we own up near the inlaws that we plan on building or getting a modular in the next year or so (depends on debt reduction), and so he has cut down some of the trees to use as firewood & to help start clearing it.
Win win situation.
We also have an oil monitor heater. But oil is so expensive, we try to rarely use it. Thank goodness for these mild days.

I'm going through the house today to look for things I can unplug. Our power bill came and it was $76.69, which is lower than last years at this time. I just know we can go even lower though!

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